I have a child in WISD

As the mother of a feisty five-year old, I’m a strong proponent when it comes to time management for children. Some towns, including ones in Texas, have adopted a no-homework policy for younger children with positive results. That time can now be spent on things that correlate with student success: fellowship, eating dinner together, playing outside, getting a good night’s sleep. When I advocate for innovation in education, it’s rooted in tradition and speaks to more than just technology. I believe we should prepare our children for the Information Age we’re living in, but we can do that without abandoning the solid foundation that got us here. I also want to ensure that all W.I.S.D. students are exposed to a variety of subjects to help them succeed in the industries of our time.

When choosing a school for our daughter, we considered public and private school. The lure of a private institution was understandable: smaller class size, higher paid teachers, robust art programs, college readiness. In the end, I chose public school. I want private school-level opportunities for all children, and firmly believe in creating those same opportunities for kids in public school. I’m ready to jump in and do that work for all of our children. As a new family to the W.I.S.D., we look forward to supporting the school district’s growth for many years to come, and strengthening our connections in Wimberley.


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