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Everyone in Wimberley has a unique story to tell, but what lies within those stories are a lot of common values: family, fellowship, a love for our country, a commitment to our children, an opinion about barbecue. The varied paths that led us all here – whether we were born and raised in this town or chose to move here later on – were paved with a lot of shared experiences: Mom’s home cooking. Silly photos with a sibling. Your beloved family pet. The first day of school. Falling in love. Getting a job. Finding a place in your community.


My story is no different. I had hard-working parents who always valued a good education. They raised us in a small town where everyone knew each other and gathered at the usual spots: Friday night football games, churches, slumber parties, potlucks, and the great outdoors. Being a part of that showed me how communities can lift people up and, more importantly, taught me how to be in service to others.


This is something I’d like to emphasize during this school board campaign: Being in service to others, regardless of their story. Politics are such a hot topic these days, and definitely a big part of our identity, but it’s just one piece of a larger picture. Texans are strong. We have unwavering faith. We understand the importance of community. We take care of and look out for each other. I strongly believe education and the future of our children can transcend political affiliation. We all want our children to get a good education, discover their talents, and go forth into the world with confidence.


I seek the endorsement of anyone who shares my vision of candid, transparent leadership without political bias. I seek the endorsement of people who share my story, and who want to share their stories with me. I seek the endorsement of those who want our schools and students to grow in limitless ways. And lastly, I seek the endorsement of those who would oppose my campaign; I welcome the opportunity to find our common ground so we can work together and show our community how service is done.


As a school board trustee, I will be a champion for all children and support them as their stories unfold. Because of this, I will happily accept an invitation to meet or speak with groups interested in knowing more about me and what I envision for our schools, regardless of political association. Let’s focus on the bigger picture and lift each other up in service to our children.


– Bex

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  1. I appreciate your focus on what we share in common within the Wimberley Valley. We have a responsibility to serve the 2,000 children within the WISD. Let’s lift them up and prepare them for the new economy. Let’s celebrate being among the 153 high-performing school districts. And find ways to expand their horizons!

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