Arts And Well-Rounded Education

I believe every student deserves a complete and competitive education that includes the arts. America’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit depend on the strength of a first-rate education system. The arts aren’t limited to dance or paint on a canvas; they teach students innumerable lessons, from fine motor skills to collaborating with others to finding inventive solutions to complex problems. As our world becomes more interconnected every day, and the workplace more oriented around technology and creativity, arts education is key to such a system and to ensuring our children are successful in school, work, and life.


Arts integration has a number of benefits to students and fosters a creative community around them. Arts education helps students become better readers and writers, advances math achievement, and develops critical thinking skills–including skills for comparing, critiquing, and exploring multiple perspectives. The arts prepare students for success in work: building communication skills, strengthening the ability to solve problems, and increasing their capacity for leadership. Arts involvement also prepares students for success in life by encouraging perseverance, facilitating cross-cultural empathy, and supporting civic engagement. I believe supporting a balanced education with a continued emphasis on the arts will serve the whole child and in turn, set our students up for long-term success.


Public school and its teachers are vitally important to any community, and the community is key in supporting our schools. I’m committed to tackling the greatest issues students and teachers in the district face while amplifying their voices and jumping into action when needed. I’m passionate about putting a greater emphasis on music and arts in our schools, which is a benefit to children of all ages in numerous ways, such as motor skills, language development, and creative problem-solving. Art is not merely expressive, it is also cognitive. The research on brain development in children has shown that art integration supports the intellectual growth of the whole child through diverse learning opportunities. Kids also develop critical and complex forms of thinking through the arts due to multiple brain areas being involved. Science and art also share an important connection for children, in that they’re both attempts to understand and describe the world around us, just achieved in different ways with separate benefits and outcomes; both provide real-life experience, meaning, and development of thought. I believe expanding the arts in education supports a well-rounded student, which will lead to greater success down the road for our children.


    – Bex

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  1. I agree that arts, music, and non competitive physical activities are extremely important to our young people. Best wishes.

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