Letters of Support to the Editor

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Arts And Well-Rounded Education

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I believe every student deserves a complete and competitive education that includes the arts. America’s culture of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit depend on the strength of a first-rate education system. The arts aren’t limited to dance or paint on a canvas; they teach students innumerable lessons, from fine motor skills to collaborating with others to […]

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School Board Politics

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Everyone in Wimberley has a unique story to tell, but what lies within those stories are a lot of common values: family, fellowship, a love for our country, a commitment to our children, an opinion about barbecue. The varied paths that led us all here – whether we were born and raised in this town […]

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I have a child in WISD

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As the mother of a feisty five-year old, I’m a strong proponent when it comes to time management for children. Some towns, including ones in Texas, have adopted a no-homework policy for younger children with positive results. That time can now be spent on things that correlate with student success: fellowship, eating dinner together, playing […]

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